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Have an App idea for your Business?

Cloud Based Business Development

Cloud based solutions

Low code business apps



Power Apps | Low Code Apps

Start creating any low code app within a week for your business:

  • Stock management

  • Barcode and QC apps

  • HR management

  • Payroll systems 

  • SHEQ

  • Time & Attendance

  • Websites & Applications

What Our Clients Say

“Samarium has helped to develop and integrated a payroll system used at care homes across the UK”

Carepoint 365

United Kingdom

“Samarium  consults us on delivering successful Microsoft Power platform projects for various companies looking to move to the cloud.”



“Fast apps is possible Samarium assisted us in creating great offline compatible applications for our plants .”
"Our online sales and Marketing is all managed Samarium, Simeon has helped to boost online sales!"


South Africa

Utilize The Microsoft Power Platform & Azure to expand your business

Gain quick access to over 200 build in Connectors (API's) to build custom applications for your business. 

Don't be limited to your current digital infrastructure. Utilize business management tools provided by Microsoft, Samarium is a Microsoft cloud based solutions partner.


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